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Nutty Professor Ranted John Madden Constructed a ‘Digital Plantation’ with Video Sport


With Week 17 within the NFL season below manner, let’s take the chance to level and snort on the nutty professor who went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday in opposition to beloved NFL coach-turned-broadcaster John Madden for having contributed to the dehumanization of black athletes and “glamorized violence” by lending his title to the basic “Madden” collection of pro-football video video games by EA Sports activities. 

Dr. Andrew McGregor teaches at Dallas Faculty, a neighborhood school in Cowboys nation. We cannot embed a tweet, simply because….McGregor blocked the NewsBusters Twitter account and my Twitter account.

I’ve a lot of opinions on John Madden. The creation of the Madden online game was not a fantastic growth for the U.S. It additional glamorized violence and dehumanized Black athletes, serving to to determine plantation cosplay that has grown worse within the period of fantasy soccer.

— Dr. Andrew McGregor (@admcgregor85) December 29, 2021

The online game distanced the truth of the violent sport from followers, and reworked human behaviors into synthetic numbers and simulations. It glamorized athletes, utilizing their title for income whereas encouraging followers to ignore the humanity. Madden constructed a digital plantation.

— Dr. Andrew McGregor (@admcgregor85) December 29, 2021

This was a loopy thread. He added “At each level in his profession — coach, announcer, online game producer — Madden profited off of Black athletic labor and glamorized the violence inherent within the sport.”

He ended the thread with “When your whole life is predicated on increasing and profiting off of 1 the of most violent and exploitative video games, veneration shouldn’t be precisely one thing that you simply deserve.”

McGregor was relentlessly mocked by conservative (and pro-NFL) Twitter, and this tweet of his was recognized and unfold: 

The faux kneel down is the precise type of play I’d have used in opposition to my brother in Madden. It will have completely complemented my faux punt offense. @mDmcgregor

— Dr. Andrew McGregor (@admcgregor85) December 28, 2017

Robert Schmad at Campus Reform famous this race-and-sports beat is an obsession of McGregor’s. 

In a single such blog post McGregor writes that the acceptance of minority athletes is “a part of a relentless renegotiation born out of late-nineteenth century notions of respectability tied to a white supremacist racial hierarchy endemic to Anglo-American tradition that’s baked into our social, political, and sporting establishments.”

…McGregor additionally claims that any energy racial minorities might purchase on account of enjoying skilled sports activities “is bounded up in racial capitalism — a devastating intermixing of exploitative capitalist practices with the more and more progressive bondages of white supremacy.”

You possibly can see extra within the Barstool Sports activities article, titled “Is This Violently Out Of Touch John Madden Take The Worst Take In The History Of Bad Takes?”